Chapter 2. Using Kpl

Table of Contents

Command Line Options
Specify Files
Other Command Line Options
Start from Dolphin
Drag and Drop
Positioning with the Mouse
Scaling with the Mouse
Status Bar

Command Line Options

Specify Files

When starting Kpl from the command prompt, you can supply the names of one or more plot or data files (either local filenames or URLs):

kpl [file...]

In case of more than one entered file and activated Add files option in the Basic settings, all files are shown in one window, otherwise new windows are opened for each file.

When Autofit is activated in the Basic settings, in case of a data file also a parameter fit to a function is automatically performed and the function is displayed, too.

Other Command Line Options

The following command line help options are available:

kpl --help

Show help about options, also available through kpl -h

kpl --version

Show version information, also available through kpl -v

kpl --author

Show author information

kpl --license

Show license information

kpl --desktopfile filename

Specify the base filename of the desktop entry for this application