Drag and Drop

Kpl supports the Drag and Drop protocol of Qt. This means that you can open one or more plot or data files by dragging their symbols onto the Kpl plot window. Data files will be recognized by the extension .dat, plot files by the extension .plo. In addition to local files also URLs may be passed in this way.

In case of more than one dropped file and activated option Add files in the Basic settings all files are shown in one window, otherwise new windows are opened for each file.

Drag and drop can also be used to move or copy selected items within the item list. For moving, the  Shift key has to be pressed at drop time. Dropped items will be inserted before the item they are dropped on, or at the end of the list.

Also copying of items to another instance of Kpl can be be performed by dropping selected items on the item list or the plot window of that instance.