Tool Bar

The toolbar is are configurable by way of the Settings menu. By default the Kpl toolbar contains the following buttons:

NewOpens a new plot file.
Open Plot FileOpens an existing plot file.
Open Data FileOpens an existing data file.
SaveSaves the current plot file.
PrintPrints the graphical presentation.
UndoReverses the last change of the plot.
RedoReverses the last change of the plot made using Undo.
New ItemOpens the dialog New item to choose a new item to be inserted.
EditOpens a dialog to edit the selected item.
FitOpens a dialog to perform a parameter or spline fit.
DeleteDeletes the selected item.
UpMoves the selected item upwards.
DownMoves the selected item downwards.
Zoom InIncreases magnification by 20 %.
Zoom OutDecreases magnification by 20 %.
RedisplayReloads the current file and refreshes the plot.