Key Bindings

Many of the key bindings (shortcuts) are configurable by way of the Settings menu. By default Kpl honors the following key bindings:

Key BindingAction
Ctrl+NOpens a new plot file.
Ctrl+OOpens an existing plot file.
Ctrl+SSaves the current plot file.
Ctrl+Shift+SSaves the current graphical presentation in a new plot file.
Ctrl+PPrints the graphical presentation.
Ctrl+QQuits Kpl.
Ctrl+ZReverses the last change of the plot.
Ctrl+Shift+ZReverses the last change of the plot made using Undo.
Ctrl+XMoves the selected items from the item list to the clipboard.
Ctrl+CCopies the selected items from the item list to the clipboard.
Ctrl+VPastes items stored in the clipboard before the selected item of the list, or, if no item is selected, at the end of the list.
F2Opens a dialog to edit the selected item.
DelDeletes the selected item.
Ctrl+UpMoves the selected item upwards in the list.
Ctrl+DownMoves the selected item downwards in the list.
Ctrl++Increases magnification by 20 %.
Ctrl+-Decreases magnification by 20 %.
F5Reloads the current file and refreshes the plot.
InsToggles the adding of plot and data files to existing plots and overwriting, respectively.
F1Opens the Kpl handbook.
LeftScrolls left.
RightScrolls left.
DownScrolls down.
UpScrolls up.
PgUpScrolls page up.
PgDnScrolls page down.
Shift+PgUpScrolls page left.
Shift+PgDnScrolls page right.
HomeScrolls to bottom margin.
EndScrolls to top margin.
Ctrl+HomeScrolls to left margin.
Ctrl+EndScrolls to right margin.