The Settings Menu

SettingsShow Tool Bar

This toggles the display of the tool bar.

SettingsShow Status Bar

This toggles the display of the status bar.

SettingsShow Function Source

This toggles the display of the functions source files in the dialogs for function parameters

SettingsAdd Files (Insert)

This toggles the adding of plot and data files to existing plots and overwriting, respectively. The current state of this setting is displayed on the status bar.

SettingsCalculate Bounding Box

This toggles the automatic calculation of the bounding box for generated PostScript files. The calculation needs Ghostscript to be installed and assumes that the Page format on the page Basic Settings of Kpl's settings dialog is set sufficiently large to contain all parts of the plot. Without calculation the bounding box is set according to that page format.

SettingsSave Absolute Paths

Tis toggles the saving of absolute or relative paths of data and library files in plot files. When this option is set on, the paths always saved as absolute. When the option is set off, the paths are saved as relative paths to that of the plot file, if possible. This allows to move directory branches containing the plot file and all files it depends on.

SettingsUnsaved Changes Warning

This toggles the display of warnings at unsaved changes.

SettingsConfigure Shortcuts

Opens the dialog Configure Shortcuts, where the shortcuts for the Kpl actions may be changed.

SettingsConfigure Toolbars

Opens the dialog Configure Toolbars, where the actions of the toolbar may be changed.

SettingsConfigure Notifications

Opens the dialog Configure Notification, where notifications about completed plots and parameter fits can be configured.

SettingsConfigure Kpl

Opens the dialog Kpl Settings. On the page Basic Settings the size of the presentation and the colors as well as the output format for function parameters may be preset. Also the toggle options of the Settings menu can be set at once here.

On the page Autoplot Settings the settings for the automatic scaling of loaded 2D data files are done.

On the page Autofit Settings the settings for the automatic parameter fittings of functions to 2D data sets from files are performed.