Here the settings for frame and labels may be performed.

In the group Axis mode one can choose between only a frame around the data window or additional tick marks on the left and lower sides of the frame or a grid. Tick marks and grid may be labeled with numeric values.

In the group Colors the colors for frame and ticks or grid are selected with the dialog  Select Color, displayed by using the color buttons.

The group Automatic allows convenient scaling of the presentation by using the button Autoscale, when arrays or functions are already set in subsequent items of the presentation. When  Normalization is checked, at this time also powers of ten are evaluated to be multiplied with the numeric data values in case of huge or tiny numbers. If not equal to 1, these normalization factors are included in the axis labels.

In the group Window position and size of the data window may be set.

The group Scaling allows manual scaling of the presentation by specifying data values for the lower left and the upper right corner of the data window. The settings also may be performed by using the button Autoscale. The scaling can be set to logarithmic individually for the axes by checking log.

The group Axes allows to specify the distances xtic and ytic of major tick marks or grid lines. With xoff and yoff offsets for the first labeled ticks from the respective axis start may be set. In case of tick marks minor ticks may be drawn between the (labeled) major ticks. The number of intervals dividing the distance between the major ticks can be specified by mticx and mticy. For axes with numeric labels the number of digits behind the decimal point may be selected by ndigx and ndigy. Here values of -1 are used to suppress the output of the decimal point. The settings also may be performed by using the button Autoscale.

For logarithmic scales the controls have a different meaning. ndigx and ndigy are disabled, the number of digits is determined automatically. The values of xtic and ytic give the factor between first and second major tick mark and will be rounded to 2, 5, or 10. Always ten minor tick marks per decade will be drawn when  mticx and mticy are set larger than 1. In contrast to linear scales minor ticks will be shown as grid lines in case of grid axis modes. The normalization option for autoscaling will be deselected in case of logarithmic scales.

In the group Labels text for the axis labels and a heading may be entered. Text with special characters is entered more conveniently in the dialog Edit text which shows up when using the buttons right to the entry fields. Powers of ten for normalization factors to be included in the axis labels may be specified manually by iex and iey. The placement of the x axis labels can be set by checking Bottom and Top, that of the y axis labels by checking Left and Right.

With Symbol size the relative size of characters and markers as well as the relative line widths (proportional to the width of the data window) may be specified. A setting of 100 % corresponds to the default. Additional individual size factors may be set in the dialogs of the corresponding items.

The dialog may be canceled without saving by use of the button Cancel. By using Apply changes are saved without closing the dialog. With OK changes are saved and the dialog is closed.