The dialog Array is used to perform the settings for a data set from a data file.

The button with the open symbol is used to open a file selection dialog for selecting a data file. The decimal symbol for reading the file can be selected in this dialog. The path of the file is displayed in the field File left to the button. The button with the reload symbol is used to reload a data file after changes of its contents. Selecting a file results in automatic determination of suitable values for the following settings.

By checking Internal Data the array data can be saved within the plot file. For reasons of performance this should only done with data sets not to large. Only the columns selected for plotting will be stored. Internal data can be entered or changed by use of Edit. After unchecking of Internal Data a file selection dialog will be opened to select a separate data file for (re)exporting.

In x column and y column the file columns for abscissa and ordinate values may be chosen. 0 corresponds to the first column.

When Error bar is checked the column chosen in Error column is used for displaying error bars. This column is also used in case of parameter fits of functions to the data sets for weighing the data points.

The Start index is the row index for the first data point to be displayed. 0 corresponds to the first row of the data file, not counting comment lines. Together with the Number of points the displayed portion of the file is selected.

The x and y values can be shifted in the presentation by entering x shift and y shift values.

Factors for x normalization and y normalization may be entered manually. These factors also may be determined automatically using Autoscale with checked Normalization in the dialog Frame.

Markers (Symbol <= 0) or lines (Symbol > 0) may be chosen to present the data points. This is done most convenient using the dialog Lines and Markers, to be opened with the button right to the spin box, showing the actual representation.

The Size of lines or markers may be chosen as an additional individual factor to the global setting of the corresponding frame item.

The Color of lines or markers may be chosen using the dialog Select Color, opened with the colored button.

By choosing a Fill pattern the polygon given by the points of the array can be filled with a solid color or a pattern instead of being represented by lines or markers.

The dialog may be canceled without saving by use of the button Cancel. By using Apply changes are saved without closing the dialog. With OK changes are saved and the dialog is closed.