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VectorItem Class Reference

Vector item class. More...

#include <vectoritem.h>

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Public Member Functions

 VectorItem (unsigned color=0, double x0=0, double y0=0, double length=1, double dir=0, double relSize=1)
 Constructor. More...
 VectorItem (const KConfigGroup *plo, unsigned color=0)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~VectorItem ()
 Destructor. More...
double dir () const
 Returns rotation angle in deg. More...
double length () const
 Returns length in cm. More...
void setDir (double dir)
 Sets rotation angle. More...
void setLength (double length)
 Sets length. More...
void writePlo (KConfigGroup *plo, bool visible) const
 Writes into plot file. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from DecoItem
 DecoItem (unsigned color=0, double x0=0, double y0=0, double relSize=1)
 Constructor. More...
 DecoItem (const KConfigGroup *plo, unsigned color=0)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~DecoItem ()
 Destructor. More...
unsigned color () const
 Returns color. More...
void setColor (unsigned color)
 Sets color. More...
void setX0 (double x0)
 Sets x position. More...
void setY0 (double y0)
 Sets y position. More...
void updatePos (const QPointF &p, bool absolute=true)
 Updates position. More...
void writePlo (KConfigGroup *plo, bool visible) const
 Writes into plot file. More...
double x0 () const
 Returns x position in cm. More...
double y0 () const
 Returns y position in cm. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from KplItem
 KplItem (double relSize=1)
 Constructor. More...
 KplItem (const KplItem &a)
 Copy constructor. More...
 KplItem (const KConfigGroup *plo)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~KplItem ()
 Destructor. More...
void readPlo (const KConfigGroup *plo)
 Initializes corresponding to plot file. More...
double relSize () const
 Returns relative size of item. More...
void setRelSize (double relSize)
 Sets relative size of item. More...
void writePlo (KConfigGroup *plo, bool visible=true) const
 Writes into plot file. More...

Protected Attributes

double m_length
double m_dir
- Protected Attributes inherited from DecoItem
unsigned m_color
double m_x0
double m_y0
QTransform m_matrix
- Protected Attributes inherited from KplItem
double m_relSize

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from KplItem
enum  FillStyle {
  NoBrush, SolidPattern, HorPattern, VerPattern,
  CrossPattern, BDiagPattern, FDiagPattern, DiagCrossPattern
 Fill styles. More...
enum  ItemType {
  Frame = 1, Array, Function, ParFunction,
  Spline, Array3D, Function3D, Legend,
  Text, Line, Arrow, Arc,
  Rectangle, Ellipse, Image, ScaleBar
 Item types. More...
enum  PenType { FramePen, GridPen, DataPen }
 Pen types. More...
enum  Symbol {
  Invisible = -17, FilledOctagon, FilledHourglass, FilledTriangle,
  FilledSquare, FilledDiamond, FilledCircle, Umbrella,
  Ypsilon, Plus, Cross, OpenOctagon,
  OpenHourglass, OpenTriangle, OpenSquare, OpenDiamond,
  Dot, OpenCircle, SolidLine, DashLine1,
  DashLine2, DotLine1, DashLine3, DashDotLine,
  DashLine4, DashLine5, DotLine2
 Symbol types. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from KplItem
static QUrl absoluteUrl (const QString &path, const QUrl &urlPlo)
 Constructs absolute file URL. More...
static QBrush createBrush (unsigned color, FillStyle fillStyle=NoBrush)
 Creates brush. More...
static QPen createPen (double width, unsigned color, PenType penType, Symbol symbol)
 Creates pen. More...
static void paintSymbol (QPainter *painter, const QRectF &rect, Symbol symbol=OpenCircle)
 Paints symbol. More...
static QPixmap pixmap (Symbol symbol)
 Returns black decoration pixmap of plot symbol for use in dialog GUI. More...
static QPixmap pixmap (QPen pen, Symbol symbol=SolidLine)
 Returns decoration pixmap of plot symbol for use in item lists. More...
static QString path (const QUrl &urlPlo, const QUrl &url, bool absolute=false)
 Constructs absolute or (if possible) relative file path. More...
static void resetDashOffset ()
 Resets offset for dashed lines. More...
static unsigned rgb (const QString &color)
 Converts rgb string to QRgb. More...
static unsigned rgbQt1 (unsigned rgb)
 Converts QRgb to Qt1 QRgb. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from KplItem
QPenchangePenWidth (QPen &pen, double width) const
 Changes pen width. More...
QPen createPen (QGraphicsItem *item, unsigned color=0, PenType penType=DataPen, Symbol symbol=SolidLine) const
 Creates pen for plot item. More...
double penWidth (const QGraphicsItem *item, PenType penType=DataPen) const
 Calculates pen width for plot item. More...
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from KplItem
static double parentWidth (const QGraphicsItem *item)
 Returns width of item's parent frame or width of scene if the item has no parent item. More...
static double penWidthFactor (PenType penType)
 Returns factor to calculate pen width from frame width. More...
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from KplItem
static double m_dashOffset

Detailed Description

Vector item class.

Base class for line and arrow items.

Werner Stille

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VectorItem::VectorItem ( unsigned  color = 0,
double  x0 = 0,
double  y0 = 0,
double  length = 1,
double  dir = 0,
double  relSize = 1 


Initializes corresponding to arguments.

colorcolor for plot.
x0x position in cm.
y0y position in cm.
lengthlength in cm.
dirrotation angle in degree.
relSizerelative size.
VectorItem::VectorItem ( const KConfigGroup *  plo,
unsigned  color = 0 


Initializes corresponding to plot file.

plopointer to KSimpleConfig object containing item data.
colorcolor for plot.
virtual VectorItem::~VectorItem ( )


Member Function Documentation

double VectorItem::dir ( ) const

Returns rotation angle in deg.

double VectorItem::length ( ) const

Returns length in cm.

void VectorItem::setDir ( double  dir)

Sets rotation angle.

dirrotation angle in deg.
void VectorItem::setLength ( double  length)

Sets length.

lengthlength in cm.
void VectorItem::writePlo ( KConfigGroup *  plo,
bool  visible 
) const

Writes into plot file.

ploKSimpleConfig object.
visibletrue for visible item.

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